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What we do

With a personal touch, we work in all aspects of bespoke signage and using our time tested brush skills, we also undertake many specialist decorating projects.

Having been trained in the art of signwriting, very much a dying trade, we like to use this ability to paint lettering, patterns, murals and achieve various paint techniques.

Working with paint offers such a wide variety of techniques and finishes that printing cannot achieve, including longevity and that hand done softer finish with an artistic eye. The ability to work on any surface, like brick walls, ceilings, materials or timber gives the client a wider opportunity to execute their desired design.

We like to leave our artistic mark on historic buildings, hand painting a variety of modern or antique designs to interiors, work that will be there for people to admire long after we have gone. Also we thrive in recreating gilded glass signs or restoring existing ones, bringing them back to their former glory and always learning from age old techniques.

If you are looking for a sign with that traditional authentic feel that will stand out from todays plastic jungle, give us a call and we would be delighted to help with enthusiasm.

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We work right accross the UK and if required anywhere on the Continent . Get in contact to find out how we can help you with your individual requirements.


We can do many styles of decorative finishes, to suit your specific needs. Both visual and financial

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